What We Do

EddyBond International Ltd offers an eclectic mix of styles with a multi-cultural appeal in the UK, Europe and Africa. The business which targets mainly men deconstructs the lines that separate African fashion from the contemporary clothing of the west. Our collections showcases a blend between varying range to include off-the-rack casuals and special occasion collections.
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Our History


The business started since 2009 in Nigeria, Africa, and since then our director, Eddy Eguaoje has shown competence and skilful display of innovation.  He worked will notable fashion homes such as Divine fashion home, Exquisite Couture and Exgratia. He was among the very few fashion designers selected in 2014 to participate in the Malta Guinness reality show in Nigeria, Fashion Versus Football, based on his innovative designs and talent.




Our Expertise


Our client base is filled with very satisfied customers. In Nigeria, we have worked with very high profiled individuals, government bodies and corporate bodies. This is evident in the high rate of referral leading to an exponential success rate as the customer base of the company increased by over 400% within the first fiscal year even without conscious marketing efforts. In addition to the years of experience we have, our director studied with the Blackford Centre for Fashion design, UK.


Our Commitment


We are dedicated to making our you very happy and satisfied because we believe that our you are the basic part of our business. At edi, we ensure that you receive best value for your money. We also ensure that value and quality are transferred to you at the lowest possible cost.