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Fashion: Hobby Turned Profession

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A lot of people actual wonder how I got into the fashion profession. How did a Production Engineer and a Masters Degree holder in Engineering Management settle into Fashion. Some of you probably heard a lot of stories about how this came to be. Well here is my side of the story.

Fashion for me was supposed to be one of the skills I picked up along the journey of life amongst other skills like Photography, Video Editing, Graphics designer, Drumming and many more I can't remember. I may be a bit rusting in some of these skills but a little practice will put me right back on track (I hope).

My father's tailor had his office opposite our house so I became friends with him so that when I am less busy, I would go spend some time with him in his office. He would always tell me to let him teach me so I could help him work on some of the jobs, but I wasn't always serious about learning the work, although I remember I used to make dresses for my sisters' dolls and my mum had a sewing machine, I never really took any strong interest in making something out of it.

In 2009, there was a national strike that affected the university I was studying in, it was indefinite so I didn't know what to do with myself, so i went to him and told him I was ready. That was how the journey stated, so yeah i learnt the profession as an apprentice because i didn't really attend any fashion school until 2017.

Even though i was learning the work which by the way i picked up really fast, i still did not think i would take it further because i was studying engineering. We continued like that until i had to go back to school and even then, i would come back on weekends to help him out with the work and make some extra money for myself.

I finished University and went for the National Youth Service which is mandatory for all graduates under 30. Behold, the accommodation I stayed in had a sewing machine in the living room owned by the house (I'll tell you about the house later). I was happy, It was like seeing a familiar face in a strange land haha. Spent a few minutes servicing the machine and it was up and running in no time. That was how I started business besides my service to the nation (which was teaching in a Technical Secondary School). I started making extra uniforms for fellow youth corpers, making proper clothes as well and getting paid for it. At this stage, i still didn't think i would take up fashion full time, I was enjoying the money no doubt, and having fun too. At best, I thought of it as a solid second choice.

I finished service and went back home to continue the job search, at least i have a good degree and I studied a brilliant course, so yeah I was ready to take up my next status as a graduate Engineering in a brilliant firm. What happened next changed my life forever.

This story continues in my next blog post titled FASHION MY PASSPORT.

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