Bespoke Tailoring

A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

From our research, 43.8% of our respondents acknowledged that they do not always get their exact sizes when they shop for clothes. 70.8% are happy to have a fashion brand that produces clothes specifically for them, according to their taste, style and size. Our customers will have the benefits of having their apparels produced according to their body measurements and also have the benefit of determining their own choice of style. This will create a feeling of uniqueness in the customer.

Style Assessment 



We provide detailed style assessment and educational emphasis to help customers develop their personal style. Some of our customers will be happier when they are able to develop and cultivate a look that is unique instead of dressing like someone else. Our style assessment process will involve helping customers discover and understand their body shape, finding their signature piece and finding their suiting colour. This will ensure that our customers are uniquely dressed for all occasions.




This involves a change of size or style to ensure a perfect fit. This helps to improve the presentation and confidence of our customers. Our customers that have rapidly changing body size will greatly benefit from this service because they get to keep their favourite apparels even as their size changes. Alteration will also help our customers save money on clothes.

Personal Shopping


In addition to our personal style services, we will also offer personal shopping services to customers. In collaboration with our customers, we will make sensible flattering suggestions that will bring freshness and style to their wardrobe.



We also engage in Upcycling of apparels which has been listed as one of the ways to keep the fashion industry sustainable. Upcycling involves the reuse of fabrics for a different design. Studies show that designs made from upcycled materials end up better than the original.

Mass Production


If you have any event or concert and your need to make a common outfit for everyone, contact us, we are able to help.